What is Project Management?
Project Management is a collective strategy for project implementation that includes five perfomance domains, initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and con
trolling closing a project, which will be covered in this 36 hourse 3-weekend course.

Companies and organizations around the world employ Project Management Professionals (PMP)’s to improve sucess of their initiatives in all aspects

This course is designed for professional and students alike to gain knowledge and pass certification exam for one of the highest reputable and responsible jobs in IT and other industries.

In this weekends classroom training course you will learn and receive:Scryber Tech PMP Exam Prep Manual
  1. Real life examples to help you qualify for PMP Certification Exam
  2. Tips and trickes to pass the exam
  3. 36 PMI PDUs
  4. Potential job leads
  5. and more...
Course Length: 5 Days (36 hours)
Qualified for: PMP Certification Exam
Course Registration: Register Online